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Development Orientation


* About investing

+ Construction and Regional Development medicinal herbs medicine materials resource development

Basic difficulties and the biggest for production units from medicinal herbs drugs (even with GMP units) as input source of production instability, inability traceability poor quality and uncontrolled processing and preservation

With the objective of creating quality materials, having natural source, initiative in of input materials for the production of herbal medicines source; base on the need to use and develop medicinal herbs under the overall planning for the development of medicinal herbs of government in 2030, in the spirit of Decision No. 15-BYT dated 4/1/2012, based on the list of 40 potential medicinal exploitation and market development, Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company   orients  development medicinal herbs growing areas clean (standard GACP- WHO) with an area of nearly 20 hectares of Red river land, deploying  for medicinal plants: Achyranthes bidentata Blume, Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet, Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels, lemon basil, Curcuma longa L, Styphnolobium japonicum, poluscias futicosa harms  .... standards of DDVN 4, capable of competing in market to serve the production needs of the company and provide the domestic production enterprises to export its products.

To perform the way forward Khai Ha Pharmaceutical Company must invest in renewing current equipment and acquiring new technologies, to create medicine products of high quality,  qualified circulation inside and outside  country serving  work effectiveness of treatment

Company wishes  partners at home and abroad cooperate, invest, construct traditional medicine  products that have labels to  treat of incurable diseases.

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