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   Head office:

         No. 2A – Ly Bon Street – Tien Phong Ward – Thai Binh City

  Chairman of the Managing Board and General Director: Nguyen Van Khai

  Telephone of business room: 036.3641546     Administrative organization room:    

       036.3644215  Fax: 036.3641548

     Email:     khaihapharco@gmail.com

     Website: www.khaihapharco.com


  Charter capital: 41.386.000.000 DONG (Forty-one billion, three hundred and eighty six million VND)

   Dated 4/3/2015 company is granted the certificate of business registration  by Thai Binh provincial Department of Planning and investment with main business scopes:

- Producing drugs that have   medicinal herbs source, kinds of making up medicines: compressed pills, film-coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, hard capsules, solid pellets, violet sticky rice medicine, Liquid medicine, species, medicine from tea. Extracting from  medicinal herbs (liquid bone glue, condensed bone glue , dry bone glue), preliminary processing and processing to pack raw pharmaceuticals, Processed medicinal herbs, soft capsules, soft medicine pills , medicines use for outside skin (adhesive plasters, medicine for spraying, medicine for rubbing, cream, gel, solution, emulsion, general solution)
- Planning, processing, buying and selling medicinal herbs;
- Buying and selling  oriental ,pharmaceutical  medicines, and medical supplies
- Producing kinds of tea, medicine wine;
- Medical examination and treatment with traditional medicine;
- Producing to buy and sell function food, nutritious food
- Producing to extract bone glue, oiliness, herbal tea;
- Producing for packing machine, refineries, refinery, dryers, cleaning machines, centrifuges and producing for equipments of cleaning machines, centrifuges;
- Producing cosmetic, soaps, detergents, polishing…
- Production of non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, pure water production, juices, herbal beverages...
  About facilities:
      With ground area in Thai Binh is approximate 10.000m2 , company branch in Ha Noi is 200m2 , region for planting Vu Van medicinal herbs is 20 hectares. In which workshop, storehouse are 6.500m2. Company invested workshop, equipments for modern production chains to ensure export standards to countries over the world such as processed system, fixing modern, versatile bone glue that closes with  manufacturing all kinds of soft, dry, liquid bone glue, modern chains for producing medicine of  flour type, violet sticky rice type, pill medicine type, tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, hard capsules on  modern automation equipments include Dryer of Granulator, film coated machines, Blister Packing Machines Alu/Alu, tabletting machines, syrup filling machine 8 taps, closed capsule machines, vacuum Viba drying cabinet, batch homogeneity cube mixer, liquid medicine packing machine, granular packing machine,  machine of  labeling decals…
      Dated June 27, 2014 Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company  is appraised and evaluated drug factory High Technology under standard of GMP-WHO by Ministry of Health, Management Department and is issued Certificated No. 320/GCN-QLD. Khai Ha medicine company standards “ Good practice for producing medicine – Good practice medicine testing labs – Good practice for medicine preservation”
      Dated March 20,2015 company is issued requested certificate “ Good practice for producing Functional food” under standard of Viet nam Functional food Union and ASEAN for modes of cell: flour, violet sticky rice, medicinal herbs bone glue, hard capsules, tablets, violet sticky rice tea, tea bags
       Dated 4/2015  Group BVC of England evaluated and issued certificate of standard management system ISO 9001 AND 22000
  About production
       Producing medicine, functional products: From 02 items that are issued circulation license by Ministry of Heath in 16/06/2006. And now, Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company  is issued circulation license for 60 medicine items, functional food. Now, products appeared in market many products are believed such as: Bach y phong te thap , Bao mach ha huyet áp, Hoat huyet dưong nao, Desmodium styracifolium , Kahagan, dai trang hoan, Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet , Bo phe… To be honored to Company, dated 16/11/2007 is awarded Gold Medal, the Gold Cup for quality and safety food title because of  public heath by The Department of Food Hygiene and Safety for item of Actiso tea


  About making up medicines


       In the early of 2011 company use extract system of versatile medicinal herbs and rutin extract and separating chain with advanced technology and modern equipment in operating, initially,  bring some significant efficiencies: reach 200  metric tons rutin/year. For extracting  medicinal herbs into kinds of bone glue ( condensed bone glue, dry bone glue, liquid bone glue): meet the requirement for production of company and sell for companies which produce oriental medicines


  About planning medicinal herbs


        Medicinal herbs are produced of almost of medicinal companies over countries and are imported from China over 50%, so difficulty is not controlled for quality, some precious medicinal herbs are forced to take an active part before selling to Vietnam, thereby leading to medicine  production input quality is  not guaranteed. Other aspect, in Vietnam with areas of planning medicinal herbs, majority of farmers plant spontaneously, lack of science and technology in plant breeding, planting, tending, harvesting, processing, preservation. Especially, farmers also lack of knowledge in usage of plant protection products, so leading to medicinal quality is not guaranteed under the provisions of Ministry of Health, unstable quantity affects to use demand of factories for producing of traditional medicines. Besides, according to the guidelines of the Thai Binh province in particular and government in general toward " medicinal herbs development overall planning in period 2020 and the vision 2030” with purpose: restrict import pharmaceutical materials are not guaranteed

from China ; actively supply enough quality pharmaceutical materials, safety and efficient to serve caring profession, protect and improve people's health, increase for exporting  pharmaceutical materials and pharmaceutical materials products. Being aware of this, Khai Ha medicine company developed  clean pharmaceutical materials planting area with 20 hectares that is fertile land of Hong river (is delivered land by grassroots authority), focusing on planting medicinal plants that are bring characteristic properties of Vietnam and also pharmaceutical materials plants belong to “ Catalog 40 medicinal plants have the potential to exploit and develop in market” under decision No.15/QĐ – BYT dated 04/01/2012 such as: Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels , Achyranthes bidentata Blume

,Motherwort, Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni ,momordica cochinchinensis (spreng) lour,Sophora japonica L,Schott , Desmodium styracifolium (Osb.) Merr,Crinum latifolium L, Polyscias fruticosa (L...) Harms,Chrysanthemum indicum,Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz , Curcuma longa L. , Mentha arvensis L, Cyperus rotundus L, sinh dia tree, Nelumbo nucifera, Scrophularia buergeriana Mig,Asparagus cocjin chinensis (Lour) Merr, Coleus aromaticus BenthAtractylodes macrocephala Koidz to serve local production demand of company, selling materials for medicine internal companies and toward the export raw pharmaceutical materials and extracted raw bone glue  material extraction.
  About business
        In recent year, together with new change of management mechanism, our economy has positive changes, the pace of high economic growth, the living of the people increase to create condition for people care and protect their heath more, thus demand of using medicine ,especially, oriental medicines of people increase markedly. Besides, population increase (in country is 90 million in 2014) this is also element that makes demand of the use for medicine increasingly .This is a large market to Pharmaceutical  enterprises in general and Khai Ha
medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company in particular has chance to develop, extend market

    In 2006, products of company just implement  in the locality in province mainly pharmaceutical centers and drugstores, to now company has wide consumption network that stretches from north to south, products of company is distributed about 60 provinces in country. Company sets Representative Office system in some provinces, a team of pharmaceutical representatives to grasp the situation of consumption, in design, product quality, implementation of promotion programs  and programs for caring customers.

- Internal market :The company distributes mainly through insurance channels by the Department of Health of the province in the hospital, medicinal center on country… Besides insurance market, company also focused on exploiting and developing free market around the country .

- Export maeket: Before is reorganized by Ministry of Health, the factory standards GMP- WHO , company exported goods Rutin through market of Russia.Now, company is negotiating  with Japanese partners about products Rutin extracting from senna buds, Stvio sugar and  Reb A sugar extracts from stevia rebaudiana bertoni …, partners in Japan, Laos, Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, India… for exporting some kinds of medicine and functional foods

       The domestic market is very potential, international market is also expanded with  Khai Ha. Now,Khai Ha implements in cooperation with the experts, enterprises in countries such as China, Korea, Japan…


  About scientific research:


 Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company  always researches to improve items of good quality for  patient

  - Dated 12/05/2009 Thai Binh Provincial People's Committees approved topic “ Research and make up medicines that are source of stevia rebaudiana bertoni, polyscias fruticosa harms, chrysanthemum indicum of Thai Binh Province” under decision No. 1003/QĐ-ubnd. Topic of



acceptance test achieved good grade in 6/2012 with result is prduct “  Bảo mạch hạ huyết áp” is approved by Ministry of Health with registered and circulation number  nationwide.

-Dated 19/06/2009 Ministry of Science and Technology approves project “ Application of science and technology advance to build to plant propagation models of sophora japonica L.schott, extracting and separating Rutin to standard high quality to serve medicine production demand nationwide and export in Thai Binh” under decision No. . 1030/QĐ-BKHCN. Project has acceptance test with grade excellent in 6/2013


- Application of scientific and technological in development of production, process for Angelica sinensis diels and Achyranthes bidentata blume in all provinces in Thai Binh. Project of province and department for science and technology in thai Binh

- Project : To complete the  technology process for extracting and separating, refining rutin from  Sophara japonica L.shott obtains purity rate >- 98% to serve demand for  producing and exporting. Project belongs to program Chemical - Ministry of Industry and Trade.

- Apply of scientific and technological  advance to plant, extract and separate Gac oil with high quality in Thai Binh. The project belongs to Mountainous rural Program - Ministry of Science and Technology.

As a newly established company going into production,products of company have source of  pharmaceutical materials, so  Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company  connected with Hanoi Pharmaceutical University, Military Medical Academy, Central Pharmaceutical Institute, the Institute of Science – Chemistry, Thai Binh Medical University and Pharmaceutical company in Center, Pharmaceutical company in provinces, Vietnam Eastern Medicine Association, Central Traditional Medicine hospitals, locality to focus on researching for separating and extracting active substances to crate the best goods for patients. Motto of  Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company is good about quality, beautiful about form, suitable price, increased sales , stable jobs for employees




      Social work

Khai Ha demicine company always cares to social work as:

  • Medical examination and regularly free consultation for people inside and outside province



  • The company organizes humanitarian medical care for policy  family, war invalids, martyrs, people who are poor,  lonely in area the company is headquartered
  •  Take care and grant medicine for children who learn in kindergartens in the province
  • Visit and encourage and award for families of Agent Orange victims, dioxin on Day’s  War Invalids and Martyrs 27/7
  •  Visit and award for children who are excellent students, overcoming difficulty in academic and community activities.
  • Organizing Mid-Autumn holiday for children in location of company and children of labor officials and employees
  • Supporting Flood Victims, Victims of Agent Orange, Poor Fund and many other charitable activities


     Development Orientation from 2015 – 2019


       Looking for partners for cooperation and investment of medicine production chain, functional food of soft capsule form; pharmaceuticals medicine production chain are profits together enjoy


  • Deploying and combining institutes, universities, specialized research agency for pharmacy to deploy and research models of  product are good quality,  treatment modern diseases such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, gout, fatty liver, obesity, diabetes, infertility ...
  • Support and extend market nationwide; looking for and promoting international market to export kinds of pharmaceutical materials, items of medicine and functional products
  • Connecting and cooperating  with partners have medicinal manufacturing technology and modern and advanced functional food to produce and sell items each other.
  • Extending for area of planning pharmaceutical materials up to 120 hectares to  complete proactively pharmaceutical materials capital for producing and exporting to do not depend on China about materials issue


development ORIENTATION


* Target:


- To develop new product lines for specific medicine that is source of pharmaceutical materials. Researching new product lines which have good quality, treatment modern diseases such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, gout, fatty liver, obesity, diabetes, infertility ...

- Constantly improve the quality of the highest order to satisfy customers

- Control costs, increase productivity, reduce product costs to enhance the ability of competition and increase profits

- Deploying for form of franchising and connected joint venture with partners inside and outside country

- Connecting with hospital system, medicinal universities, military academy, and traditional medicine hospitals to carry out to coordinating for clinical trials with new products

- Supporting, extending market nationwide; looking for and promoting international market to export kinds of bone glue from medicinal herbs, items of medicine and functional products

- The company plans to build a steam treatment system, showering Chinese herbs for treatment. Patients come to traditional medicine clinics for therapy of Khai Ha not only cares thoughtfully from doctors, pharmacist, but also patients also is to be relaxed mind, dispelling anxiety to focus on treatment and visiting art plants garden, beautiful birds at company site

- With concept “ Competition is the motivation of  development” by no enhancing good’s quality, striving to lower the cost of products, enhancing relationship with customers, continuously expanding market, promoting wider feature is more high by synchronous solutions such as marketing, conferences, workshops ...

- Implementing for circulation and distribution of good medicine, with domestic consumer market as leverage, promote for marketing by many forms, expand its distribution network throughout North, Central and South.. In while, focusing  on potential markets such as Ho Chi Minh City, Northwest and Central Highlands

- Living and working under law


- Efficiency is the only criteria to assess enterprises and  productivity is pioneer step

- Get the manufacturing is the foundation for development towards export of herbal products to countries in Southeast Asia, ASEAN.

- Quality of products is continuous decision  to improve under intellectual content trend that dominant

- Restructuring in advanced technology in every actions to compete highly

- Taking  Khai Ha brand to go to the heart of people that is a successful motivation

- Restructuring business reorganization in the future

- Management Modernization

- Company operates under enterprise Law under form of joint stock company which multi ownership no dominant state governs

- Production business operation must be active, creative speed, consistent with the competed need .

- Investing to exchange equipments, applying advanced   science technology to provide high products, suitable price to meet rigorous demands of market each time a harder

- applying  science technology of computerization software fully actions of company

- Building the strategic information system, strategy, production solutions, exactly business.

- Taking information technology platform makes management tools and must be implemented at a high level.

- Setting researchring center and development with full of bodies such á market research, skill for making  up medicines, planting medicinal herbs, development for area of planting  medicinal herbs about 100 hectares inside and outside province

- Researching the optimal formulas contain many secrets to protect to intellectual property of goods to prevent

With competitor who compete unfair

- Links with universities, institutes, centers and scientific research at home and abroad to receive applications of advanced  processing technologies

- Enhancing for the ability of management, finance that are suitable  for each extension of enterprise scale

- Creating capital in issuing shares, bonds, enterprise. Toward the listing on the stock market


- Linking and taking part in unions inside and outside country to implement rule: “ Trading has friend and party” And thereby boost trade promotion to increase potential for the company's position.


* About investing

+ Construction and Regional Development medicinal herbs medicine materials resource development

Basic difficulties and the biggest for production units from medicinal herbs drugs (even with GMP units) as input source of production instability, inability traceability poor quality and uncontrolled processing and preservation

With the objective of creating quality materials, having natural source, initiative in of input materials for the production of herbal medicines source; base on the need to use and develop medicinal herbs under the overall planning for the development of medicinal herbs of government in 2030, in the spirit of Decision No. 15-BYT dated 4/1/2012, based on the list of 40 potential medicinal exploitation and market development, Khai Ha medical supplies medicine trade joint stock company   orients  development medicinal herbs growing areas clean (standard GACP- WHO) with an area of nearly 20 hectares of Red river land, deploying  for medicinal plants: Achyranthes bidentata Blume, Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet, Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels, lemon basil, Curcuma longa L, Styphnolobium japonicum, poluscias futicosa harms  .... standards of DDVN 4, capable of competing in market to serve the production needs of the company and provide the domestic production enterprises to export its products.

To perform the way forward Khai Ha Pharmaceutical Company must invest in renewing current equipment and acquiring new technologies, to create medicine products of high quality,  qualified circulation inside and outside  country serving  work effectiveness of treatment

Company wishes  partners at home and abroad cooperate, invest, construct traditional medicine  products that have labels to  treat of incurable diseases.





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