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Open letter

Open letter

Dearprecious customer,

Khai Ha VTYTpharmaceutical trade joint stock company send precious customer health wishing and success.
Thanks for your trust and cooperation during the whole time.
Khai Ha VTYT pharmaceutical trade joint stock company-“Khaihapharco”was established in March, 2015 with the trading fields as Medicine manufacture, functional foods with origin of drug, trade, growing, preparing, processing south-north drug; medical examination and treatment by traditional medical methods,...
Health is the most humanprecious capital, only the real quality, real effects of new product to help Khaihapharco’s stable development. To improve the quality of products andsatify domestic demand and exports, the company has invested and  built the factory reached with GMP- WHO aboutfacilities, modern machinery and production of drugs, functional foods, cosmetics, preparing, processing drug in the forms of liquid, granular or powder, hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, pill, tablet sugar, film-coated tablet and forms for external using...
In addition to investment in infrastructure, the company also always focuses training and improve the human resource quality to assurewell professional, experienced, enthusiastic in the work. Full convergence of factors (facilities, human) so Ministry of Health, Drug Administration department evaluated and signed the approval decision that the factory reach certified high-tech drugs factory GMP / GLP / GSP-WHO No. 320 / GCN-QLDon 27th June, 2014 and recognize the factory reach"good medicine manufacturing practice" as recommended by the world Health Organization, "good medicine laboratory practice","good medicine maintenance practicefor pharmaceutical forms drugs. Thai Binh Province Health Department issued certification of"Good medicine distributionpractice" (GDP). GMPBoard issued certification of "Good functional foodsManufacturing Practice ". Group of British Bureau Veritas issued certification withISO 9001 and ISO 22000. 

Material source for production is also a matter of company to growing and concerning. With the advantage of Thai Binh is an agricultural province, fertile soil cultivation of medicinal plants so the company has developed on above 20ha area of ​​raw materials to plant some precious medicinal plants as the Hoe flower, Dinh Lang, Duong Quy, Nguu tat, Motherwort, saffron... Besides growing area in the province, the company also linked grown in other provinces on the whole country. Khaihapharco commit processing medicinal resources as well as provided on medicinal packages pharmaceuticals are clean, quality assurance.The company is not onlystop at the products and modern technologies but also always invested in research field and search of rare herbs, the modern technology of extraction of active ingredients, the combination of ancient medicine together with professors, PhD of the ministries, research institutes associated with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Institute of China, Japan, South Korea, ...Deployed through the implementation of scientific tasks: research project, pilot production project of state-level or provincial level.

Khai Ha VTYT pharmaceutical trade joint stock companycordially invite precious customers to the company co-production and sales; professors, doctors, masters, researchers, doctors, pharmacists, physician, individuals, organizations and foreign joint ventures, association, cooperation: active element extraction technology research from drugs, dosage, manufacture of medicine products, functional foods, dood remedies to serve the demand of domestic consumption and export.

With the motto "Khai Hais medicine northof every house", the company will constantly improve, innovation and development in all fields to demand the high increasing requirements day by day of the partners, so that consumers really assured of the quality and satified about price when choosing products of khaihapharco. We wish to continue to receive the support and help, cooperation, sharing to develop together.

            Thank you so much!


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