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Open letter!

  Open letter!

Dear customers,

Khai Ha Trade and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company would like to send you wishes for health and success. We sincerely thank you for your support and cooperation so far.

Khai Ha Trade and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, established in March 2005, has a surface area of 10,000m2 with over 200 employees including professional and experienced management staff and energetic and enthusiastic and qualified young staff and high skills workers. Especially, the Company has focused much on the training of young technicians and so far the Company has attracted more than 20 pharmacists with university level to work in the company for a long time. The main businesses of the Company are: producing medicines derived from medicinal plants, buying and selling pharmaceuticals, producing various kinds of tea, wine, functional foods, nutritional foods and examination and treatment diseases with traditional medicine methods, etc.

Understanding that health is the most precious asset of human beings, only by producing real quality products with real effects, can Khai Ha Trade and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company exist and develop. With the goal to stay ahead of the game in technology, Khai Ha Pharmaceutical has always innovated, created and improved equipment, machinery. At present, the company has invested to build a drug factory fully equipped with advanced machines for producing and processing medicinals, functional foods such as: extraction system, modern production lines to produce powder, tablets, film coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules, hard pills, granular, syrup, tea, herbs etc, with automated equipments: dryers and fluid bed granulation machine, tablet film coater machine, aluminum blister packing machine, rotary tablet press machine, 8 taps syrup extraction and pouring machine, capsule filling machine, microwave vacuum dryer, cube mixer, granular/ fluid/ powder packing machines, packing labeled machines etc. Moreover, the quality testing laboratory is also equipped with modern technological equipments including: UV detector chamber, ESCO biological safety cabinets, disintegration tester, High performance liquid chromatography HPLC, etc. With comprehensive investment in infrastructure, equipment, machinery and standard SOP systems, on June,27th 2014, Khai Ha Trade and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was decided and issued Certificates of high tech drug production factory of GMP/ GLP/ GSP-WHO No 320/GCN-QLD to recognize the standard factory with "Good manufacturing practices" as recommended by the World Health Organization, "Good medicine laboratory practice" and "Good storage practices" for certain types of medicinal drugs. From here the company has been providing domestic markets and export medicinal products with high therapeutic efficacy and reasonable price

With the advantage of the medicinal plant area of over 20 hectares of mudflats of Red River - where many kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs are planted such as sophora japonica, polyscias, flos chrysanthemi morifolii, angelica sinensis, stevia rebaudiana, mentha, plectranthus amboinicus, desmodium styracifolium, achyranthes bidentata, rehmannia glutinosa, angelica, leonurus japonicus, dioscorea hamiltonii, alisma plantago-aquatica, kaempferia galanga, curcuma longa, momordica cochinchinensis etc. The company has also collaborated with many provinces and cities nationwide and medicinal growing areas of foreign countries like Laos, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea, etc. It is expected to reach several thousand hectares for producing over 300 valuable medicinal plants. Khai Ha Pharmacy is committed to provide a clean source of raw materials with good quality to meet the needs of producing pharmaceutical products, functional foods of the company as well as to sell to the domestic and foreign partners.

Together with improving internal power, the company has associated with the professors, Doctors of Ministries, Sectors, Institutes, National Institute of Medicinal Materials, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam Military Medical University, ThaiBinh University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam Orientally Traditional Medicine Association, associated with the Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy of China, Japan, Korea to research and produce medicinal products, food supplements with high effects in prevention and treatment.

The Company would like to invite Professors, Doctors, Masters in medicine and pharmacy fields and other related sectors; doctors, pharmacists as well as individuals and businesses inside and outside Vietnam to cooperate together to study ways to extract active pharmaceutical ingredient from herbs, formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, functional foods to better serve the needs of domestic consumption and export.

With the motto "Customers’ satisfaction is the success of the company," Khai Ha Trade and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock has had continuous improvement, development and innovation in all fields to meet the increasing demands of partners, customers and consumers.

Coming to the KhaiHa Pharmacy, you will be surely satisfied with the quality and price of the products. The company would like to continue to receive the support, help and cooperation for the development from both domestic and foreign partner.

            Thank you very much!

                                                                                                BOARD CHAIRMAN & CEO



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